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I work Monday through Friday, The best times to chat with me are 9pm-11:45pm (EST) OR 8am to 9am. (EST)
Feel free to message me on discord or telegram! I typically reply much faster there than via Furaffinity notes or email.
Always feel free to message me about anything you need!
I can't always be helpful or respond right away but I'll do my best <3
**Thank you very much for visiting my page!

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Commission Details


  • $60 per fullbody character

  • No color/ No shading

  • No Background

Cell shaded

  • $80 per fullbody character

  • Full color/Simple shading

  • Minimal Background

Full Illustrations

  • $100 per fullbody character

  • Full color/ Full shading

  • Full background ($30-50)

What will you draw?


Grey scale, simple pieces

SizePrice (USD)
Half body$40

- More comming soon!

Cell shaded

Full color,simple shading, artistic liberties

SizePrice (USD)
Half body$60

- More comming soon!

Full Illistrations

The big projects, Maximum detail

SizePrice (USD)
Half body$80


Terms of Service

♡Paying for a commission acknowledges that you have read and agreed to the following Terms of Service. If you have any questions about the terms, contact me before payment.


♡You may contact me on the following platforms: Furaffinity, telegram, email and discord. All contact details are listed on FA as well as on my website (https://purrrevil.com/).
♡Contact must stay consistent. If you change your username or switch accounts without informing me I am not responsible for finding you. If you change accounts please provide proof that it is you. (A simple notice from the old account or your email works fine)
♡You must be +18 to commission work from me, Regardless of the content being drawn.

Obtaining a Slot

♡I will decide how many commissions I take at one time. Generally, this will be no more than five. I will not open a new set of slots until my current set is complete.
♡ I will only fill slots after the client has received a detailed quote, I have accepted it, and the client has made payment. If you can not pay within 7 days The slot will be considered forfeit and the commission canceled.
♡I reserve the right to decline or cancel a commission for any reason, without stating a reason. (Refer to the refund section of this tos for more details if necessary).

Payment Methods and Plans

♡Please do not initiate payment. I will send a paypal invoice to the email you provided me. I do not take other forms of payment at this time.
♡For orders below $100, I require 50% of payment upfront. For orders over $100, I am willing to work out payment plans.
♡If no payment is sent, I will reserve the client's spot on the queue for 3 days. After that, I will remove the placeholder and the process must start over again.♡I will not send any art until the first payment is sent. I will not send the final product until payment is sent in full.

Refund Policy

♡I will offer a 100% refund if, for whatever reason, I decide to cancel the order, regardless of how much I have completed.♡If you would like to cancel a commission at any point. I will refund you the difference for what has not been completed.♡I have the full right to reuse discarded sketches or canceled artwork for other projects. For clarification, this does not include your characters.

ReRevision Policy

♡Once the sketch has been approved no large edits outside of marking mistakes/color alterations (within reason) will be made. If edits outside of this are required after lineart approval, a fee may be incurred at my discretion.

Updates and Deadlines

♡I will update the client at least twice during the period in which I work on their order. Once during the sketch stage, and once during the rendering stage. Please do not ask for updates every day. I will send out updates when there is progress.♡I do not take rush commissions. My commissions typically take 2-3 weeks depending on complexity. Feel free to ask for specific estimates at any time.♡I do not work weekends. But if you need to contact me, do so at your earliest convenience. Do not wait for me to be online. I will get to you as soon as I am back online.


-Artist's Rights
I retain full rights to all of my work. This includes (but is not limited to) copying, editing, printing, re-posting and selling.
-Client's Rights
The client retains the rights to the characters depicted, if applicable.
The client has the right to make minor edits to the work they commission, and to repost with credit.
The client has the right to make prints for personal use (con badges, posters, etc) but not for resale or commercial use. They do not have the right to sell the work under any circumstances, unless previously agreed upon when the order was made.
The client does not have the right to make or sell NFTs (Or any form of cryptocurrency) using my work.


I store all completed commissions in a dedicated folder on an external hard drive. The client may request a full sized copy of the file emailed to them up to a year after the date of completion, free of charge. I am not responsible for hardware failure that may result in the loss of the file.

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What will Purrr Draw?

If theres something missing from this list, feel free to ask me and I'll add it!

I WILL Draw:

➥Any character regardless of gender/sex/identity
➥Any Furry character regardless of body type
➥Fanart/ fanart OCs
➥Fetishes I WILL draw:
Bondage, BDSM (no gore!)
sub/dom, fantasy genitalia, consensual cross dressing

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What will Purrr Draw?

If theres something missing from this list, feel free to ask me and I'll add it!


➥Reference sheets
➥Feral Characters
➥Specific/Real Guns
➥Hate speech
➥Hardcore fetishes:(Including but not limited to:
scat, feeding, gore, vore, water sports, re-birthing,hyper, inflation or rape)

Common Questions & Answers

When will you open commissions?

This year I have started taking slots in advance. I typically start new commissions on Monday and finish them the next Friday.

How long will my commission take?

My normal turnaround time is 5 to 10 business days after I have officially started. I can usually only start new projects on Mondays so please plan ahead. I do not do well under pressure or extremely tight timelines.

Do you draw +18 content?

Yes! If you are 18 years or older and would like lewd art, feel free to message me. I can give you further details.

What if I don't have a reference sheet or art of the character?

It would be extremely helpful if you could send me images that are adjacent to what you want. For example pictures of color palettes, similar characters, hair styles etc. If you need help finding these things I can always help! I can not work off of text alone.

Can I commission you for a reference sheet?

No. Personally I find reference sheet commissions way to stressful and time consuming for me. However if you would like to get a fullbody commission with the character's color palette on the side, to use as a ref sheet. I can do that instead. It would be the same price as a normal fullbody. I will not design a character for you! So please have references and a clear idea of what you want ready.

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