Feel free to browse through the tabs above, they should have all the info you'll need.If you ever have a question, always feel free to message me! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.Thank you!



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1 Amica1 Leuk1 OPEN1 OPEN
3 Hunter3 OPEN3 OPEN3 OPEN


Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Please check if commissions are open before messaging me! Patreon members get early access to commission slots and YCHs.

UPDATE: I now take line art commissions! The prices are 50% off
regular commissions.


If you would like to request specific props in your piece, the prices are as follows:

Regular props $10-25:

(backpacks,detailed outfits, big wings etc)

Complex props : $50+

(cars/guns etc)


•PLEASE plan alts ahead of time! They are much harder to make in post, and I may decline if you ask after the lineart phase.
• Cars cost $50 per car. I will only do one car per drawing.
•I only take large commissions at my discretion. I greatly prefer smaller projects with one or 2 characters.
•Backgrounds with just pillows and sheets are free.


I work in my own style and my style alone. (I expect that you have chosen my art because you enjoy it for what it is.)I do not draw the following subjects in adult scenarios: minors,feral, non-sentient creatures, or non consenting parties.Yes, that means no cub, no beast. Sentient quadrupeds are up to my discretion, and must be obviously sentient. I will draw Pokemon and other trademarked characters on a case by case basis.I do not draw fetish work. Including (but not limited to) scat, feeding, gore, vore, re-birthing, or r//pe. If a particular fetish or situation is not listed here, please ask upfront. (Light BDSM is usually okay!)*


This page is for people who have never bought a commission before. It is meant to be a useful tool to familiarize yourself with the very basics of commissioning an artist. It is not an in depth article about my specific process. For that just shoot me a dm on your favorite messaging platform!💕Little disclaimer! Every artist is different. While many of these terms are used regularly, the exact definitions may vary depending on the artist you are commissioning. Please research the exact artist you are looking to commission to see their personal process and how things may differ.


A Commission:A piece of art that a commissioner buys from an artist.
A Commissioner:The person buying the commission. (that's you!) Sometimes also called a client.
T.O.S.:A T.O.S. is an artist's terms of service. This is their list of rules and conditions you must follow when working with them.
Blacklist:A blacklist is a list of people an artist refuses to work with. Usually these people have either tried to scam them or broken their TOS.
Icon:A smaller, usually square, drawing of a character's head. Often used as an avatar for social media.
Bust:A drawing that cuts off around the chest of the character. The exact cut-off point is different for each artist.
Half-body:A drawing of the top half of the character. Cuts off somewhere around the waist. The exact cut-off point is different for each artist. Sometimes used interchangeably with "bust" depending on the artist.
Full-body:A drawing with the whole character's body in frame.
Reference sheet:A reference sheet is an image of a character made specifically to give to other artists. This way they know what your character should look like. Sometimes it will also have the character's personality traits and other info written on it. These can also be used for things like, writing, role play or DnD.
Artist freedom/Artistic freedom:A commission with artist freedom typically means your handing over the character to the artist and letting them draw them in whatever pose, or setting, they please. Some artists really enjoy having more freedom with the character, while others prefer more structure.
Pose:The way your character is standing/sitting etc.
"OC":Oc stands for "original character". This means you either came up with the character yourself or bought the rights to the character from another artist.
Adopt/Adoptable:An adopt is a character you bought from an artist.
Base:Line art you bought from an artist that you color in yourself.
Line art:The black and white lines in a drawing. (Think of a coloring book before it's colored)
Sketch:An unfinished, or roughly made artwork. Typically the first stage of a drawing is called the sketch. The style varies greatly from artist to artist.
Shading:The shadows on an art piece.
Soft shading:Sometimes called a "full render" Usually a term used for more polished shading with softer edges. Usually this is more expensive and takes much more time to make.
Cell shading:An art piece with sharper edges on the shading. Often, but not always, simple and easier to draw than soft shading.
Alt:An alternate version of the drawing with one major change. Often a change in outfit or expression.

Want to see a term added to the list? Feel free to message me!

Good Manors and Things to Remember:❤ If an artist doesn't reply to you ASAP they're probably busy. Don't worry. Maybe check their info to see if they have a schedule or preferred place for you to message them. Otherwise, be patient and message them again in a day or so. Please do not spam them!❤ Asking questions is better than assuming. Every artist has a different process.Check out their TOS first to find out how they like to do things.❤Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! They say pictures speak a million words for a reason. Reference images are super helpful for your artist if you're trying to explain to them what you want. Pintrest has a ton of amazing resources for references, google works too! Everything from poses, to clothes, to settings and even color palettes you can find refs for.❤If you see an issue with the commission you're buying, say something ASAP. If you wait till the end, it'll become much harder for the artist to fix it.❤Lastly, just be nice. Remember, we're people too! :)

When will you open commissions?

This year I have started taking slots in advance. I typically start new commissions on Monday and finish them the next Friday. If you would like to see my availability, it is on the bottom of home page on this website.

How long will my commission take?

My normal turnaround time is 5 to 10 business days after I have officially started. I can only start new projects on Mondays so please plan ahead.

Do you draw +18 content?

Yes! If you are 18 years or older and would like lewd art, feel free to message me. I can give you further details.

What if I don't have a reference sheet or art of the character?

It would be extremely helpful if you could send me images that are adjacent to what you want. For example pictures of color palettes, similar characters, hair styles etc. If you need help finding these things I can always help!

Can I commission you for a reference sheet?

No. Personally I find reference sheet commissions way to stressful and time consuming for me. However if you would like to get a fullbody commission with the character's color palette on the side, to use as a ref sheet. I can do that instead. It would be the same price as a normal fullbody.I will not design a character for you! So please have references and a clear idea of what you want ready.

Terms of Service

Paying for a commission acknowledges that you have read and agreed to the following Terms of Service. These are subject to change without notice, but I will do my best to announce any large changes. If you have any questions about the terms, contact me before payment.


You may contact me on the following platforms: Furaffinity, telegram, email and discord. All contact details are listed on FA as well as on my website (https://purrrevil.com/).Contact must stay consistent. If you change your username or switch accounts without informing me I am not responsible for finding you. If you change accounts please provide proof that it is you. (A simple notice from the old account or your email works fine)You must be +18 to commission work from me, Regardless of the content being drawn

Discussion of Commission

I must receive payment and all reference images and/or text descriptions before I begin any work.
I will assume that when payment is sent that I have all reference images required. Character sheets for references are preferred, of course, but I understand not everyone has them. Images done by other artists, text descriptions and animal/object/clothing references from Google are fine with me. If these are not given, I will have to guess. If something is necessary, tell me. I am not responsible for changing things on a commission later due to the client's oversight on a detail.
If you need help finding references let me know and I can do my best to help find resources for you!PLEASE USE CORRECT REFERENCE - If your refs have a discrepancy, please let me know which is the MOST correct! If references you send are low resolution I am not responsible for small details or color variations that may be lost. Do not be worried about writing too much as long as it's relevant to the character /commission.

Obtaining a Slot

I will decide how many commissions I take at one time. Generally, this will be no more than five. I will not open a new set of slots until my current set is complete.I will only fill slots after the client has received a detailed quote, I have accepted it, and the client has made payment. If you can not pay within 7 days The slot will be considered forfeit and the commission canceled.I reserve the right to decline or cancel a commission for any reason, without stating a reason. (Refer to the refund section of this tos for more details if necessary).

Payment Methods and Plans

Please do not initiate payment. I will send a paypal invoice to the email you provided me. I do not take other forms of payment at this time.For orders below $100, I require 50% of payment upfront. For orders over $100, I am willing to work out payment plans.-Payment Deadlines
If no payment is sent, I will reserve the client's spot on the queue for 3 days. After that, I will remove the placeholder and the process must start over again.
I will not send any art until the first payment is sent. I will not send the final product until payment is sent in full.

Refund Policy

I will offer a 100% refund if, for whatever reason, I decide to cancel the order, regardless of how much I have completed.If you would like to cancel a commission at any point. I will refund you the difference for what has not been completed. I have the full right to reuse discarded sketches or canceled artwork for other projects. For clarification, this does not include your characters.

Revision Policy

Once the sketch has been approved no large edits outside of marking mistakes/color alterations (within reason) will be made. If edits outside of this are required after lineart approval, a fee may be incurred at my discretion.

Updates and Deadlines

I will update the client at least twice during the period in which I work on their order, once during the sketch stage, and one during the rendering stage. Please do not ask for updates any more than twice a week.I do not take rush commissions. My commissions typically take between 4 days to 3 weeks depending on complexity. Feel free to ask for specific estimates at any time. Estimates are not promises, but I do my best.I do not work weekends. If you need to contact me at any time please do so at your earliest convenience. Do not wait for me to be online. I will get to you as soon as I can.


-Artist's Rights
I retain full rights to all of my work. This includes (but is not limited to) copying, editing, printing, re-posting and selling.
-Client's Rights
The client retains the rights to the characters depicted, if applicable. The client has the right to make minor edits to the work they commission, and to repost the smaller, watermarked version I provide to them, with credit.
The client has the right to make prints for personal use (con badges, posters, etc) but not for resale or commercial use. They do not have the right to sell the work under any circumstances, unless previously agreed upon when the order was made.The client does not have the right to make or sell NFTs (Or any form of cryptocurrency) using my work.


I store all completed commissions in a dedicated folder on an external hard drive. The client may request a full sized copy of the file emailed to them up to a year after the date of completion, free of charge. I am not responsible for hardware failure that may result in the loss of the file.

Some pieces may require an account to view